Preparations Have Begun

Everything is moving so fast now. Well, sort of. Tasks are moving along quickly, but it is as if time has come to a stand still. Luckily, I experienced this phenomenon many times during my Peace Corps service. Sunday will be my last day working at Whole Foods. I decided to spend my last month before I join the Foreign Service with friends, family, and relaxing. Let’s be honest, when am I going to have that chance again? I’m going to take the time to pack at my own pace and go into my A-100 class stress-free. As far as that’s possible.

I still can’t believe this is happening. I realized the other day that I feel lighter. Simply lighter. Not only has this great weight been lifted off my shoulders, but my heart just feels whole. Like I was missing something for so long and now it beats at full strength. Like I just leveled up and achieved all the max hit and talent points. I’m adding this as a major gold star in my achievement list. But I thought about it a bit and realized, now what? What’s my next dream going to be? What’s going to push me for the next 10 years? I think I’ll use the A-100 class and training to help develop that goal further. Because you know, never stop aiming for the top, a dream is a wish your heart makes, hold fast to dreams, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and all that jazz. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

And back to preparations…

I’ve started collecting a few things that I know I’ll need to make my future government-provided, fully furnished house a home. I know two things are for certain: I like to feel comfortable in my space and I want to entertain. There are little comforts that make a huge difference when it comes to making your space feel like yours. For me that includes my Ghana collections and scents. Alright let me explain. Everything I brought back from Ghana has a story. And many of those stories instantly whisk me away to an experience that either makes me cry tears of happiness or swell with smiles of crazy memories. These are my artifacts. And then scents. For me, I remember the smell of places. My aunt’s house always smelled like what a house should smell like, welcoming, inviting, and friendly. So I bought some candles, just a few that smell like home to me: beets and honeysuckle. Not together. Beets sounds weird, but I grew up eating pickled herring and eel on a stick. The smell of beets just smells like a kitchen to me. And if I’m posted in some far off land that looks and feels as far from home as possible, at least I’ll have a few things that will make me feel like my house truly is my home.

That’s how I romantically justify my trip to Anthropolgie.

Additionally, I made use of my Whole Foods Team Member discount to stock up on spices. The elusive little ingredients that make all things better.


And to add to my kitchen, I finally bought plates. Real plates. Plates that are not made from plastic and found in the dollar section at Target. I’m officially an adult now.




So basically, the summarize this post: I’m obsessing over the small details of this big move, because that’s what I do. Details are my thing. And I’m sure next year when I am having colleagues over for wine and cheese they will appreciate the fact that I have 12 salad plates. I aim to please.


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