Collection of Best Posts

So You Want to Pass the FS Written Exam

Four Reasons Why You Should Not Hire an RPCV

Lessons Learned

A Summary of My Peace Corps Service

Information about Obamacare for Returning PCVs

How is Success Measured?

Is Customer Service Exclusive to the Developed World?

Dealing with perceptions of Peace Corps Service

Realizing my successes

Project with the Volta School for the Deaf Our Talking Hands

The story of my Peace Corps fate

My Peace Corps proverbs

My experience dealing with integration

My crazy experience at the ER

Sex and Dating in the Peace Corps

Why living in a developing country has its perks

Cultural information: adinkra

Searching for monkey heads at the Central Market in Kumasi

My personal philosophy on Peace Corps service

Step by step guide to making Palm Nut Soup

The different types of volunteers, character style!

Accepting my body in Ghana

Two days account of my crazy adventure at an archeological site and when the President died

Part Two

Conversations in the compound

A moment in time in Ghana

Why Peace Corps is a great experience

How Africans deal with sunburns

My first Thanksgiving in Ghana


My invitation reaction


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