And a body to boot

Okay, it might be the corniest name, but the concept is solid. My colleague/friend/A-100 classmate/co-conspirator came up with a brilliant idea today while we were shopping in Georgetown. I refer to it as “and a body to boot” but I’m pretty sure it will just become the FSO fit challenge. The concept weaves together everything a good Foreign Service Officer possesses:

1. Competition
2. Drive
3. Goals
4. Extra weight
5. Never enough of something

In this case, we don’t have enough boots. In my case, I only have my cowboy boots. Winter is coming and all my boots are in storage. It costs less to buy new ones than to trek to the storage unit and pay to get them out.  My friend and I have been talking for a while about our need to get in shape. Training has made us into whimpy noodles who indulge in ethnic food too much. And you know what DC is great for just that. But I’m not about to waltz into winter with an extra 10 lbs hanging around my hips when I know full well cookies and pumpkin pie and soup are in my future. Plus I need to form good habits, I’ve been back in America long enough now, blah blah blah: lose weight you fatty! So the and a body to boot challenge was born! Full credit goes to my partner in crime and her devious ways to get me to do things I know I should do, but don’t wanna.

So what’s the scoop?

We both set fitness goals for the next month. We have a hard objective which we should accomplish in the next 30 days. For me I want to lose 7 lbs. I know a few of those pounds are just water, so I want to get back to my weight pre-A-100. Yes, I put on that much weight during 6 weeks. Gah, don’t remind me. It’s a realistic, but tough goal and I’m bound and determined to meet it. Why?

Because here’s the catch – if I reach my goal my friend will buy me new boots. If she reaches her goal, I buy her new boots. If she reaches her goal and I don’t, then I still need new boots and have to pay for hers. So there is not only a double incentive, but my pride is on the line! Plus, I just want new boots.


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