Highlights from Day 2 and 3

First of all, let me say that A-100 is a fine line between brain overload, sleep deprivation, endurance, and barely containable excitement. Every single day I am near tears because something will come over me and I realize THIS IS REAL. I am actually here. I am actually doing this. Wednesday, I almost lost it when I found myself staring at the seal of the department. With this week being Fourth of July, I am feeling the service pride!

The past two days have touched on language, structure, history, and our career. I’ve jotted down some great quotes from the past two days:

Believe you have the power to change the world, don’t be cynical.
Whoever said you can’t buy love never had nieces and nephews.
This is the difference between having a job and having a calling. (This reminded me very much of Peace Corps)
We are hired not because we know something, but because we can learn something.
As a generalist we are like squirrels, every two years we say “who’s shiny? who’s shiny?”

And then we were tasked in our homework with creating our own maxim. Our own guiding mantra and here is mine:
Words are often the only tools we have.

We received our bid lists yesterday as well. Naturally, I already have mine in a draft stage. I am not allowed to disclose the list, but I am able to share tidbits. Right now, my highest ranking posts span 3 continents and 3 different languages. I’m glad I love tacos and dumplings.


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