Pack, Pack, Rest

Pack two days. Rest one. Repeat. It’s really not that bad. I’m spacing the whole process out, mainly because I want to do it all now, and because I’ll get to do this every two years! Why not try out a variety of techniques.


My collection of papers, which I consolidated into one folder, instead of 15.


The boxes, thus far. All that’s left is in my room. I’m guessing it’s another 5-10 boxes, depending on what I decide to save. Really, this isn’t bad considering I had an entire Budget truck that hauled my stuff from Tulsa to my dad’s house. This is what remains of the probably 50 boxes that left Tulsa. I gave a lot of things away. Because they were just things. Does anyone really need to keep 3 boxes of free college t-shirts? No. Most of the stuff I gave away earlier in the year.

Three boxes on top of the dresser (not mine) are just books. I had a hard time going through that pile. I know it is just added weight, but they are my books! Plus, half of the box below on the left is in German. So I will keep them, because some things are just worth the weight.


Looks like I’ll finally get to use the two books on the right!


Before and after. The piles on the left are for storage. The piles on the right are to donate/garage sale/give to relatives who might want them. Many things moved from the left pile into the right one. It was hard to part with some of my Ghana clothes, but I knew it was time to say goodbye. I still feel like I have too many clothes hanging in my closet. How will they all fit in my suitcases! I’ll make it work. I just need to remember to pack my suitcases before the movers show up, so that if it doesn’t fit I can still put it in storage.


Pack, pack, rest. I helped my dad take the pool cover off last Friday, which is our family’s official start to summer. We haven’t been able to get in the pool yet, mainly because of rain, but I peeked outside this afternoon to see how the pool looked. It rained heavily last night and the water is pretty high, but the sun came out and a few freeloaders decided to go for a dip. I just hope they realize their little mating dance is going to end tragically when my dad pours the chemicals in the pool and all their little eggs they are currently producing won’t make it. Interestingly enough, a spider was actually hitching a ride on top of the male toad on top. I’m pretty sure there is a fable in there.

And now to go enjoy the Oklahoma sunshine while I still can.


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