Suddenly the clock starts ticking

All the projects I’ve had saved for a rainy day or when I felt like it, are now at Defcon 1. Why? Because ain’t nobody got time for that in approximately 4-12 months when I am at post and finally get my shipment. Everything suddenly feels urgent. But I’m also that person. You know, the one that likes to get stuff done early, that way I have more free time afterwards. I’m the person that likes to have everything set and ready to go before I start something. Like packing. And I feel like I am finally there. I have everything I wanted to get now. The weird living essentials that I didn’t have, but needed. You know like the plates and spices I bought. Or the blank notebook for my A-100 class. The details. Because when I freak out about something major happening in my life I focus on the details.

And there are so many to keep up with. Which documents do I mail in prior to class starting versus bringing the day of? Did I fill out all the paperwork right? What will I put in my suitcases and what will I put in storage? What am I going to eat for the next month? I will not gain back the weight I lost working for Whole Foods. No way. Even if I don’t have a paycheck for the next month or two, I will still find a way to eat healthy, because it was amazing. Okay, back to my main point. The details. This is what happens. I think of something else I need to remember, write it down and add it to the list. I’ve been good about adding things to the list and marking them off quickly. Let’s do this. Let’s get this done. Because things aren’t going to stop piling up. This is a life changing event. My to do list should be long. Once I leave, I’m not coming back. It’s not like Peace Corps, this is my new forever life.

In the past week, I’ve been very productive. I picked out the car I want to buy if I need to buy one at some point, because yeah. I’m just going to say that’s being prepared and not I’ve got the itch for my own wheels. I got a haircut, and the first thing I thought when I got home was: “oh no, it’s not at cute as my last one! I’m not going to look anywhere near as good in my government ID picture!” But that’s why I did it a month before, so it would have time to grow out just a little. It’s not terrible, it’s just not my style, nor what I asked for. Plus it is a little shorter than I would have liked. Okay, I’ll say it. It makes me look old. I said conservative, but not Mary Fallin or Sarah Palin. I meant, I don’t want hair spikes. Just another shining example of why communication is key.

And to cap off my productive week, since the past three days were my Memorial Day weekend (I’m working Saturday and Sunday), I finally finished a project I’ve been meaning to do since I got back to America.


I turned my fabric scraps into wall art! When I get to post, whenever that may be I will have 9 lovely pieces of fabric art to hang on my walls. Just a lovely reminder of where I came from and my second home.


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