Will it and it will

Last week a billboard popped up on my way to work. In big bold letters it says: “Will it and it will.” And then it has a bottle of Crown Royal next to it. No matter, the message still holds true. As I passed this billboard for the past 6 days, I would stare at it and think “come on security clearance!” Monday morning, I looked at the billboard, kissed my lucky pendant, and thought “you will get this.” Yesterday morning, I took one hard look at the ad and thought to myself: “please please please.” I may have closed my eyes for a second as well, which I don’t recommend, as I was driving.

Later in the day, something triggered a memory. I thought about my fortune cookie from three years ago. The cookie that told me “soon you will be on top of the world.” Two hours later I received my invitation to join the Peace Corps.

I’m not allowed to check my phone work, so as soon as I sat down for lunch I pulled out my phone. I wanted to see if my friend got back to me about getting together after work. I saw an email notification and quickly opened it. And that’s when I went into shock. Full blown hysterics ensued and the dry sobs began. I was shaking violently, tears were trying to peek out of my eyes, and my appetite quickly disappeared (very disappointed about this, I had an excellent lunch in front of me). At first I only saw that I had been added to the Foreign Service register. And then I read the rest of the sentence. And if I wasn’t already losing it before, that’s when I officially made a scene. Sitting there right in front of me, an offer to join the June 30th Foreign Service class. My official appointment letter.

And in that very moment all my dreams came true. Since I was 16 years old, everything I’ve done has lead me to that moment. I took my first Foreign Service Test in February 2010. I made a promise to myself when I was 16 that I would take the exam every year until I made it. Even at 16 I wasn’t ready to let anything stop me from achieving my goal.

I burst into tears every few miles on the drive home last night. When I got home, I knew this was it. I had to take the offer, of course I did. My fellow foreign service hopeful friends assured me I wasn’t being selfish taking a class before we could all take one together. Rather, I’m doing reconnaissance for them and letting them know what A-100 is really like. I replied to my contact and accepted the offer to join the 178th A-100 Foreign Service Generalist class.

Today, I scheduled my move (movers come and pack everything away June 25) and became an official USAA member. I sent in my resume, so they can provide me with my salary information (I already know it will be more than I currently make – $10/hr).  I sent a request for availability for State provided housing in Arlington today too. And then I made lists, lots and lots of lists.

Yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect. You see I have this odd little OCD quirk and it has to do with prime numbers and me being superstitious. And honestly, it really just goes back to my love of the movie/book Contact by Carl Sagan. I scheduled my oral assessment for January 23, because 23 is the prime number to end all prime numbers. My hotel room number during my oral assessment was 719, another prime number. My score is a prime number. Yesterday, 5/13, again prime numbers. The time I got my actual offer? 11:19 – prime numbers. Call me crazy, superstitious, or just plain wackadoodle, but yesterday the universe told me one thing is for certain:

Will it and it will.


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