My Progression as a Peace Corps Volunteer

A long time ago, in a village far far away, I posted about the different types of Volunteers. I used Disney characters to highlight the different roles and personas we take on. I’d like to revisit those Disney characters to show how I’ve changed during my service.

First I was like…

So excited and eager to be part of the Peace Corps.
Then after a month of training, I was like…

Getting sassy from sitting in sessions all day.
After another month of training, I was like…

I turned into a completely different angry animal.
As training came to a close, I was like…
peter pan

Freedom! I was so excited to go to my site.
As I started working at site, I was like…

I can do anything! This is fantastic.
At our reconnect conference, we I returned to sessions I was like…

Bitter and disenfranchised, but quietly plotting new outfits.
Then it was my first All Vol, and I was like…

I just wanted to dance and be pretty.
Then I got typhoid, and I was like…

Completely off my rocker and asleep for a month.
Then rainy season hit and I was like…

Incredibly stir crazy and about to eat my tin roof, so it would stop pelting.
Then I went on vacation, and I was like…

All my dreams came true!
Thanksgiving came next and I was like…


Free food? Washing machine? Please, can I have more?
Then my incident happened, and I was like…


Angry, just angry.
As I struggled to find a new home, I was like…


Frazzled and stressed to the max.
But then I got a new home and I was like…


A whole new world to explore!
Then I fell down hanging my curtains, a day after moving in. I was like…

mean girl finding nemo

Really, not happy.
Things picked up at site and I was busy with conference planning, so I was like…


Let’s get down to business!
Then shit hit the fan, and I was like…


Crazy, upset, and about to put some boxes in a box and smash it.
Then I got sick with the curse of April, and I was like…

Couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs.
Then there was All Vol round two, and I was like…

evil queen

Damnit I’m going to look fabulous.
Then everything magically went away, and I was like…


Hi, I’m back and I’m happy again!
Then I got back to business and was busy, so I was like…


All’s good in the world again.
Then I got to go on vacation again and see family, and it was like…


Someone just granted me three wishes.
Then I got back to site and had wonderful work to do, and I’m like…


To infinity and beyond! Warp speed ahead and into COS.


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