I Dream of Dreamcatchers

I’m in an airy and bright room somewhere in Oklahoma. I’m staring at a display case full of jewelry. I spot a pair of earrings which draw me in immediately. They are delicate golden dreamcatchers enclosed in many long oval hoops. The sun shines on them and the room suddenly feels brighter. Next to them is a fantastic ring with designs etched inside the band. The designs flow like water, intricately weaving the history of Oklahoma into a tiny ring. The outer part of the band has the seal from the Oklahoma flag in just one miniscule place. I want them both, the earrings and the ring. I look up to find a sales associate and my dream disappears like a whisper of smoke.

A few nights later, I find myself drifting through the streets of my town. As I walk in one direction the ground becomes sandy and suddenly I find myself on the beach. I turn around and head back in the other direction. As I pass my house I see a cobbled street in front of me. I step onto the street and walk past Ghanaian houses, which are slowly becoming more and more European. I turn the corner and suddenly the bustling square in Lisbon is in front of me. I walk farther and the deeper into the city. The farther I get the more it starts to look like America. I look up and see a glittery sign board for a movie house. I look down and I’m fully back in America. As I walk back through the city, I take a look around and sigh. I feel like a part of too many worlds.

Last night, I returned to the shop in my first dream. I’m staring at the earrings and ring again. This time when I look up, I find the associate and tell her I want to buy both of them. She takes my things to the counter to wrap them. I can’t stop staring at the earrings. They are so beautiful. I feel like they are sucking me in. The closer I get to them, the more of a magnetic draw I feel. I reach out to touch them and the sales associate asks me a question. I move my hand away. I buy them, but for some reason I can’t take them home with me. The dream fades and I wake up smiling.

I dream of dreamcatchers.

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