You win some, you lose some. But mice always die.


The Fire Chief from my old site called me out of the blue yesterday. He wanted to just say hi. He told me that the whole community misses me, especially the fire service.

Leave request was approved – I’m going to Germany! In about 3 weeks I will get to see my aunt, half of my motherland, and a giant plate of schnitzel.

I killed two mice Sunday. One drowned in a bucket of water. One scampered under my stove; lifting the stove to check, I saw him and promptly dropped the stove. Right on his little head.

I attended a cashew festival over the weekend. It was organized by my friend and fellow PCV. It was very well attended, fun, and frankly a huge success. I was able to talk to a lot of farmers about the importance of record keeping and tracking expenses.

I’ve been studying ridiculously hard for the Foreign Service Test. I’m able to pump out a handwritten 5 paragraph argumentative essay in under 30 minutes.

I’m planning a new set of trainings with my old friend Yahya (see last post). We discussed how his agents were really bad at bookkeeping. Don’t worry I’ll come and save the day.

While in Germany, I’ll be meeting with SAP in person. After almost two years, I’ll finally get to meet the entire team. I’ve already started planning my third pilot for them.

Team Ghana won the Stomping out Malaria blog quality challenge. I got a special shout-out for my eloquent description of the symptoms of malaria. Eloquent is self-serving, ridiculous is the better word.

I’ve decided on plans for Christmas and they include a best friend, a little captain, and California!

In two days, I will have made it to the 20th month mark.

I’ve found a new travelling egg seller who passes by my house. 25p ($0.12) for gigantic eggs. Most villages you’d pay 40p for that. I can’t even remember how much eggs are in America, but I’m making out like a bandit here.


I was excluded from an event because I wasn’t part of the “boys club.” Literally. My credentials notwithstanding, I’m a girl therefore I can’t possibly be qualified. Not the first or last time my fellow PCVs will discriminate against me based on my sex, tendency to wear makeup, or dislike of rolling in the dirt.

Another mouse made an appearance last night, alive. These guys really love my place don’t they?!

I keep getting this feeling of being tossed aside. When I bring it up to the tossers, they toss the idea away. Clearly I’m not wrong. But a recent incident has really upset me. Sometimes people do things without thinking and old scars suddenly start burning again. Funny how a good day can be ruined so quickly.

I’ve been planning a Resume Workshop for my fellow PCVs. No one has signed up, it is in 3 days. Oh well, all your jobs are belong to me!

Inflation is really kicking my ass. Prices in town just went up again, second time in a month. We are supposed to get a raise, after my service is over.

More tornadoes in Oklahoma. I’ve rarely felt homesick during my service, but this is kicking me in the ass. I want to be home. I want to know that my family and friends are safe immediately, not hours or days after the fact.

It has been a long time since I’ve received a care package from certain members of my family. COUGH DAD. I’m starting to think he’s forgotten I’m in Africa with poor access to life saving medicine – Peanut M&Ms.


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