My Mother’s Day Promise

Last year, I wrote a blog post about what my mom means to me for Mother’s Day. This year I want to do something a little different.

Cheryl Caitlin 96

Last week, Peace Corps lost a beautiful soul. Someone everyone loved and aspired to be. She was the Super Volunteer who still puts us all to shame. Her mother came to scoop up her baby and comfort us in our time of grief. Her mother’s strength gave us all hope that we too could be strong enough to carry on her legacy. At the memorial, Dani’s mother gave a speech that still brings me to tears. Dani was also an only child and I can’t imagine the pain her mother is going through and will continue to go through for the rest of her life. I hope that my mother never has to endure such pain.

Inspired by Dani’s mother’s speech, here is my promise to you mom:

I promise to always appreciate the people I love.
I promise to do what’s best for me and not be stubborn.
I promise to hug you every chance I get.
I promise to remember every lecture you gave me growing up.
I promise to listen to my heart.
I promise to be a good “aunt.”
I promise to cherish every good moment and learn from the bad.
I promise to do fulfilling things.
I promise to thank people.
I promise to always keep my safety and security the number one priority.
I promise to teach you how to do the azonto.
I promise to force Martha’s son to listen to the Backstreet Boys!
I promise to support your decisions and give you my advice when you need it.
I promise to appreciate the lessons I’ve learned in Africa.
I promise to take care of myself.
I promise to do things that make me happy.
I promise to laugh.
I promise to cry.
I promise to pick myself back up and keep my head held high.
I promise to respect people.
I promise to no longer hold grudges and learn to forgive.
I promise to smile.
I promise to love the rain and deal with the heat.
I promise to show you how I’ve changed.
I promise to show up to some podunk town in Oklahoma wearing all my crazy Ghanaian clothes.
I promise to never run out of makeup.
I promise to never forget our wonderful moments together.
I promise to love you forever.
I promise to sing our song when I need you.
I promise to call you with all my mundane questions, even when I know the answer.
I promise to listen to all the “need to hears” and not just pine for the “want to hears.”
I promise to stay happy, healthy, and safe.


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