A New Day

It stormed again last night. The cool, rainy wind woke me up multiple times. I could feel the wind trying to sneak inside my room and disrupt my dreams. When I woke up early this morning, I was chilly. I woke up with energy though. Like waking up on the right side of the bed, I felt renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

I made the fateful decision to go outside early in the morning. The small girl next door was already outside and starting the wash. She asked me for some washing powder and I gave her the bag. I stood at my gate and waited for her to return it. She didn’t immediately give it back. So I stood and waited patiently for a few minutes. The sun had not yet risen, but you could see it straining to break out of the horizon.

I went back inside, threw on some real clothes, and put on my Chacos. I’ve been meaning to go exploring for a while, this morning is the perfect time. The cool weather, the painted sky, and the light breeze were calling me to get out of my house.

So I left my house and ventured to an area I’ve never been. I discovered my neighbors’ cocoa trees, some lovely compounds, and a road just south of my house. I followed the road and discovered the hill which I thought was much farther than it really is. I climbed the steep cliff and stood on the edge of Techiman. I’ve seen these cliffs before, but from the other side. I always wondered how beautiful it would be from atop the cliff.

I stopped at the precipice, climbed on a small rock, and looked out over the Brong-Ahafo. I could see farms, houses, cashew trees, mango trees, and some of the beautiful rock formations nearby. In the distance I could see a small bushfire still smoking. Even farther and you could see Nkoranza on the horizon. But, the real sight was the morning sun. Through the veiled cloud cover the sun peaked through. Slowly, the sun rose into the sky as a giant ball of fire. The sun looks so much bigger here. I never will quite understand that, how can the sun appear so giant here in Africa, but so small in America? Maybe it is because the sun shined on Africa first. Maybe it is because the sun is life here. Maybe it is because the sun dictates everything here. Nothing competes with the sun. At night, it is darker here than you could imagine. If you venture out to an area with absolutely no power and the moon is not out, you will be surprised by how engulfing the darkness is. You can barely see your hand in front of your face. That kind of dark is suffocating. But here, we have the stars, untainted by city lights. Sometimes they seem so close, you try to reach out and touch them.

Watching the sunrise over Ghana never gets old. There is something truly magical about the dawn in Africa.



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