Bushfire? Not UP IN HERE!

So, I’m planning a massive event for my town at the end of this month. We are inviting all the farmers in my town, plus all the farmers who want to come in the district. Bushfire is a major problem in my area and the fires will be starting again soon. Bushfire can easily destroy a farmer’s cashew and it kinda sucks to be covered in ash for a month. So I made it a goal to have a giant bushfire event and educate as many people as I could on how they can prevent fires.

Just call me Smokey the Bear. So last week I walked up to the district offices and petitioned them for approval/funding/participation in the event. Luckily, everyone is on board. The only issue is funding because of the election the district’s budget is on a freeze. I’m not sure how that works because I feel like money should be flowing right before an election. Oh well, I’ll come up with some other way to secure funding. I’m resourceful and I have fabulous dresses, someone will cough up some cash.

Oh by the way, I’ve only been asking for 230cd, which funds 4 tents, 500 chairs, a table, sound system, and water for dignitaries. Basically that’s $130 for one kick ass party. So dear US taxpayers, I’m going to try and get your tax money to help people in Africa learn to prevent bushfire, which means more cashews for you, and people in Africa don’t go hungry. That’s decently worthy right? Right.

Anyway, so I visited with the Fire Chief this morning and it was honestly pretty amazing. I had a productive meeting with a high level official with the government. That’s an achievement in any country. (Can I get a ribbon?) He told me that the program I proposed was great and that this is exactly what the farmers need. Yesssssss, approval! So the Fire Service is totally on board and they are getting pumped about the football tournament as well.

For once in my life, I’m not stressing about the details. As long as there are chairs and a sound system, this will work. I’m organizing over 5 government departments and helping them to do their job for them. I just need them to show up and they will do the rest.

And that’s exactly what a Peace Corps Volunteer is supposed to do. We come in and help organize events like this. We allow locals with knowledge to teach each other, we just help facilitate it. If this event works and goes well then I’ll consider my service a true success.

If anyone is in a generous mood and wants to help contribute to the event, let me know in the comments below.


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