Those Evil Little Mother…

A thunderstorm rolls through the Brong-Ahafo right at sunset. The sky is illuminated by lightning and the suns setting rays. The clouds looks eerie in the dim light, a halo effect surrounding the towers of clouds. The rain misses us, for now. Another storm rolls by just a few hours later.


The sky is cracking and the dark night is suddenly broken apart by streaks of light.

The pouring rain always starts the same way. The rush of wind like a tornado sweeps through my house, turning my curtains perpendicular. The howl is deafening and the rain is almost here. Within seconds the entire area is a deluge.

I wake up and quickly go shut the bottom slats of the windows. Otherwise my house will flood. I pull back the curtains though to let the cool storm air circulate my room. The lights have gone out and the house is quiet. All you can hear is the wind and the rain pummeling the house.

The rains aren’t supposed to last this long. They should have ended in September. This kind of storm is different. It isn’t right.

Listening to the rain reminds me that I drank a lot of water before going to bed. I scramble around in the dark for my headlamp and drowsily stumble towards the bathroom.

I cautiously walk towards the bathroom, afraid I might slip on the now soaking wet concrete. My headlamp is highlighting the rain drops, it looks like a rave.

I enter the bathroom and set my toilet paper down next to the toilet. As I go to sit down I notice something in the corner of my eye. I shriek as I realize a giant flat spider was sitting right next to the toilet, just waiting to scare me. His beady little eyes glare at me, taunting me with his creepiness. I stare him down for a long minute contemplating my next move.

I’m too tired, too in need of relieving myself, and too angry to put up with this guy. So I let the mean flat spider win this round and I quickly exit the bathroom. I’ll find somewhere else to pee.

And I did.


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