When it rains it pours. In this case it is pouring disease, illness, and probably a parasite. Upon returning from South Africa, I got a heavy dose of “welcome back!” Ghana style. The tonsillitis that morphed into strep throat. The nausea that left me unable to truly eat for days. Now it is probably giardia. One after another, no break in between. Back to back, icky, gross, disgusting illness.

Not to mention I switched malaria medication, which left me unable to sleep more than 4-5 hours a night and not in a row. Crippling throat pain, difficulty drinking water, general yuck feeling, and the inability to sleep. Is there anything more welcoming? Then maybe just a few hours after recovering from the strep/tonsillitis, the wave of nausea hit me. It was so intense on Thursday morning that I ran back to my bed to lay down probably 5 times within 30 minutes.  Thursday I ate half a portion of jollof rice. Friday I ate something ridiculously small. The same Saturday. Sunday I ate popcorn. Sunday I felt like total and utter yuck, so I called the PCMO and got the order to travel to Accra for medical. Not being able to eat, plus my tonsils flared back up, combined with watery you know what = perfect storm!

I was stuck in Accra for 3 days hunched over with awful cramps and running back and forth to the bathroom. That’s why they call it running folks. I quoted Bridesmaids every hour for 3 days. Yeah, giardia.

I’m finally feeling better and I am given the okay to leave Accra.

I wake up this morning and feel like I have a cold. NO WAY JOSE. I run to the other room, which should now be dubbed the “medicine cabinet”, and instantly take ibuprofen, claritin, and mucinex. No way am I putting up with a cold. No thank you. Luckily, it was just probably a bit of bad allergies, because 12 hours later I’m feeling fine.

But just in case this country didn’t get the message. STOP INFECTING ME. Please, please, please let me have 1 month in which I don’t get sick. I’ll take diarrhea and a migraine, but give me 1 month without anything above that and I’ll be a happy camper.


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