I’m baaaaack…

Leaving South Africa was awfully difficult. Leaving Ghana for South Africa was surprisingly easy. I had the best vacation of my life. The past three weeks have been truly unforgettable, breathtaking, inspiring, and simply amazing. I wish I could repeat this vacation over and over again.

My South African vacation was one of those trips in which you knock everything off your bucket list and not a single place in the world tempts you anymore. I’m sure I’ll think of other places I want to go, but going on safari, swimming with sharks, and all my other adventures in between were simply spectacular. My life feels complete. I’m not even 25 and I have already seen and done so much. I’m incredibly privileged to be a Peace Corps Volunteer who had a savings account. Every single penny I saved went to filling my life with grand adventures that I’m sure will forever paint the rest of my life.

So my dear friends, readers, family, and fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, prepare yourselves. I kept a journal for every day I was in South Africa. And I’m going to share those stories with you. So if you kept up with me on Facebook while I was in the Southern Hemisphere, prepare yourself for even more jealous sighs and angry “I wish I was there” exclamations.


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