Walk on the Wild Side

First and foremost, I have to say WOW. (Like a Ghanaian would, of course.) My post about the different types of volunteers was viewed over 1000 times! Volunteers from Paraguay, Botswana, Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, and many many more read my post. Many people commented on how volunteers in their countries are similar to the descriptions I listed. I was honestly surprised, but it really reinforces the idea that people are the same no matter where you are. People are people, no matter what culture they belong to. So a big thank you to everyone who shared, read, and enjoyed my post. You are all totally awesome people.

I’m leaving soon for South Africa for my vacation of a lifetime. Honestly, I could not be more excited. Sights, sounds, and FOOD in Cape Town. Followed up wine, wine, and more wine in Stellenbosch. Then it is off to Hermanus to see some whales, eat copious amounts of seafood, and battle with great white sharks. A trip to one of the surfing capitals of the world is next up, where I’ll watch hot men swim in supertubes. A day safari is up next where I’m pretty much going to die of delight when I see my first giraffe. What’s next? Durban, little India – I honestly don’t know what I am going to do here. Then it is SAFARI time, 5 days of game viewing in Kruger National Park. I ain’t lion, I’m going to honey badger everyone until I see some spots. Big Five I’m a coming! After that I’ll relax in Johannesburg, dining and shopping until they tell me to get the hell back to Ghana.

I can’t promise any updates until I get back, but trust me – I will be blogging a plenty when I return.


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