The “Wow Did I Really Just Finish Everything” Feeling

There is always a calm before the storm. Well, for some reason in my life there is always a storm before a storm, then a little bit of calm. This month I will be heading off for probably one of the greatest adventures of my lifetime. I’ll be doing a whirlwind three week tour of South Africa. I honestly could not be more excited. Not only do I NEED a vacation, but I can’t wait to HAVE a vacation. A real vacation.

Before you can go on vacation though, lose ends have to be tied up, projects need to be finished, things need to be washed, houses need to be scrubbed clean, and things need to be packed.

I had a hefty number of presentations I needed to create before I could leave. Knocked them all out today. WHAM.

I had a few documents that needed to be written. WHAM.

Script for a short film for trainees written and morning man voice practicing. WHAM.

I had a kitchen that needed to be cleaned because it was filthy. Thanks to my Ghanaian brother and some financial incentives, I can say WHAM.

Clothes washed? WHAM.

Emails and follow ups sent? WHAM.

Trip to the tailor to get clothes repaired and check on new things. WHAM.

Banku consumed ravenously and with fervor. WHAM.

WHAM I guess is my code word for “check”. All that done today, plus I watched a movie. Seriously, if I were any more productive, I probably would have passed out.

The moral of this story is, now I just have to clean my house, pack, and wash a few more things. Then I can go to South Africa. I can go on vacation happily! There is this eerie calm settling in over me. Can this be real? Can I really have checked off almost everything from my to-do list? I feel like I MUST be missing something. There has to be something I forgot. This is almost too easy. Or maybe, I’m just super prepared. Maybe is a lie. I am super prepared. I came out of the womb that way.


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