The Delights of Home Delivery

So, I live in the suburbs. That’s right I live in a suburban area of a larger town. I live in a neighborhood a ways back from the street.

In Ghana, door to door salesmen are common. Someone will come buy with a bowl of underwear, shoes, clothes, or even shampoo for you to check out. It is pretty awesome. The only bad thing is, when you live in a suburban neighborhood that’s a ways back from the street, people don’t come to sell stuff as often. It is a bit of a bummer if you love being lazy. EVERYONE LOVES BEING LAZY. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I heard my name being called in the courtyard this morning, so of course I yell “MEBA!” Which means I’m coming. I always giggle. And what do we have outside? A giant bowl of gorgeous carrots and lettuce. Real lettuce, the good kind, not the cabbage fake-out. And the carrots? 5 for 1cd as opposed to 3 for 1cd. I’m in heaven. Today is market day and I was going to go to the market for lettuce and carrots. Delivered to my doorstep, how wonderful. The best part is the bunches of lettuce and carrots are much cheaper than at the market. SCORE. Not only did I not have to walk anywhere for some vitamins, but I got a good deal too.

I love this country. In fact, I’m wearing my “I love Ghana” shirt today – my effort to get better market prices. I still need garlic, a colander, a medium pot (mine sprung a leak!), some plastic storage containers, maybe another pair of jeans, and some red onions. Wish I could put a sign up outside the house everyday with what goods I’m looking for. Got shoes on your head? Come on in!


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