Dream On

I had an incredibly vivid dream last night. I was attending an embassy event here in Ghana, it involved exchange students from Germany and America. They were exchange students from a program I used to work with as a State Dept Intern. There was a bunch of embassy staff around and lots of foreign service officers. I started talking to some of them and told them about all my prior experience working with exchange students. They told me there was a vacancy at the embassy for a cultural affairs foreign service officer and they wanted to hire me on the spot. The dream sort of dissolved and I was standing in a dark room. It was just me and my thoughts. Do I quit Peace Corps and pursue my “dream job” or do I finish my Peace Corps service and decide to stay in Africa? As I sat vacillating in my dream, I woke up without a decision.

It was really an incredible dream, in the sense that it reflects exactly what is always in the back of my mind. My dream truly was a manifestation of my sub-conscious. Absolutely fascinating.

What would I do? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer. But either way in my dream, I was going to stay in Africa. And I know now (after months of debating this) that Africa is where my heart is. Ghana has stolen my heart and I truly love living here. I was never satisfied in Oklahoma, there was always something that made me super passive aggressive, probably politics. But here in Ghana, my life is so much more laid-back and freeing. I feel like I’m part of something, part of a people. In America, I always just felt like a drone – just going through the motions of life. I feel like I’m actually doing something here, accomplishing things. Maybe it is just the Peace Corps experience, maybe it isn’t just Africa or Ghana. Maybe I just needed a change of pace. Whatever it is, this experience is continuing to change me.

What would you do? Take the dream job or see your project/service to completion? Is what you perceive as a dream job truly what’s best for you? Or is what you discover that makes you happy actually your dream job?


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