African Sunsets

Nothing quite compares to the fiery pinkish orange of an African sunset. The blazing sun ignites the sky with bold colors, bouncing off the surreal clouds. The sun as it sets on the horizon, is a huge ball of fire, setting slowly over the hills of teak. The sunset is my favorite part of the day. As the day winds down, you can always expect the sun to roll over the hills at the same time every day. Dusk lends itself to the sounds of bugs humming, sheep flocking to their homes, and the rhythmic thud of fufu pounders echoing throughout the village. As darkness descends, the stars slowly make their nightly appearance. Scorpio is visible early, a constant reminder of life in Ghana. The scorpion stings, it causes pain – the constellation is one of the first ones visible every night. But Scorpio simply glides across the horizon every night – it doesn’t roll off the horizon. The constellation is huge and beautiful, each star is bright as the moon. At first glance, you can only see poverty in Ghana, so many people live on so little. But they get by every day, they survive because Ghanaians are fighters. The people of Ghana are so friendly, welcoming, and beautiful – even with so little, they are happy. They have their families, their children, their neighbors – Ghanaians are always surrounded by loved ones. They have a constant optimism and an enduring hope; Ghana is a shinning beacon in West Africa. I’m honored to call it home.


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