Ten Reasons I’m Extremely Happy!

1. The rains! It is actually cold right now. It is probably 77 degrees outside, but cloudy. I have for probably the third time since I have been here turned my fan off. I might go put my cardigan on.

2. Cashew cashew cashews. Everything workwise is going so incredibly swimmingly. I had a conference call today that was truly magical. We literally hung up giving each other virtual phone hugs.

3. Good Peace Corps Friends. My dear friend Richie is there for me when I need him. We have great conversations and wonderful times together.

4. I finally finished writing a Business Literacy Program for Farmers. 10 pages, 3 modules, and lots and lots of accounting classes remembered. I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to field test the program Friday.

5. Groundnut soup and bankou. For some reason it has tasted even better lately. My favorite place in town has killer chicken. I eat groundnut soup and bankou at least 4 times a week – I already know that I am going to miss that place when I leave Ghana. I’m officially addicted.

6. Peace Corps Staff. I asked for some language materials from another country (the Muslims in my town speak Hausa, most of my farmers are Muslim). A few hours later and I had a survival guide to Hausa!

7. Planning a Fourth of July Feast! We are going to grill and be as American food wise as we can. It is going to be awesome! And we are going to share with my compound – second goal!

8. I can wear pigtails in my hair. And that’s just plain awesome.

9. South Africa is coming up! I really need to not be super busy so I can actually book some more tours and nail down what I am going to do at each place.

10. Accomplishing things. I have 10 trainings coming up. I did a smallsmall one last Friday. I’m doing what I came here to do, plus so much more. My farmers love me (they told me so, don’t worry I’m not that conceited). I have lots and lots of things brewing and something tells me they might just be SUPER EFFING AMAZING.


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