The Part of Peace Corps They Don’t Tell You About

The goodbyes. Yes, you are aware that you will eventually say goodbye to your village, your neighbors, your partners, and counterparts. But you also have to say goodbye to fellow volunteers. And not just the ones from your training class.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of the second year volunteers during my 9 months in country. Peace Corps Ghana is a treasure trove of unique, fascinating, and inspiring people. I’m truly honored to have met and became friends with many of these people. I have been so inspired by their perseverance, determination, and drive. The second year volunteers offer perspectives and insights that are incredibly useful and helpful.

As they prepare to leave, I have been trying to soak up as much time with them as possible. Who knows when I will ever see them again! At a minimum it will be another year and a half. I’ve become pretty close with a handful and I am going to be extremely sad when they leave. Right now, I can talk to them on a regular basis. I can see them when I want to. It brings back memories of leaving my friends and family back in the states. But now the tables are turned, they are going on to bigger better things, and I will still be here.

I feel so privileged to call these fellow volunteers my friends. I am terrified of surviving without them, but excited for them to start a new journey. I am going to miss them a lot and I will probably cry a shit ton. That’s just another aspect of Peace Corps though, nothing lasts forever. At some point, we all go home.

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