According to plan? What’s that?

I dream of days when everything goes according to plan. I dream of a week where I can look at my to-do list and say “aha! I did everything I wanted to do this week.” Yeah, pipe dreams. Sewage pipe dreams. I had glorious plans for this week. I was going to accomplish a lot. Then Monday happened.

I had to go visit a hotel in my town we are staying at for a training next week. The hotel isn’t too far from my house. Just a 25 minute walk. Who knows how many miles/kilometers that is, but it doesn’t seem far. Until I get halfway there and I realize I’m about to pass out. I finally make it there and I’m drenched in sweat. My whole body is sweating, my eyeballs, my back, my hair!? Yeah, didn’t know your hair could sweat, but mine does. I hustle up the hotel for some information. It takes all of 2 minutes. I need to walk back to the office now, which is pretty much where I started. Ugh, now it is uphill.

You can do it! Just a little farther. Almost there. I get to the office, it is open but no one is there. More ugh. I walk over to the tailor and get some stuff. I try on a new dress, when I take my shirt off I realize that my shirt is drenched. Yuck. At this point I am very surprised I am still standing. I try on the dress, needs to be taken in on the sides just a bit, but otherwise it looks great. Anyway, so I give her a bunch of new stuff to work on. I head over to the internet café.

Let’s go on a tangent for a small small time. INTERNET CAFÉ IS AWESOME. I love the new place. It is so fast, like America fast. That is what I can remember of America internet. It feels like America. It makes me so happy. I can watch youtube videos without having to wait an hour for a 3 minute video to load. Do you have any idea how incredible that is? I will never take fast internet for granted again. Especially after the many times I have just about thrown my modem against the wall. So yeah, yay internet café!

I’m feeling progressively worse though. I feel the delirium coming back. I finally make it back home and I feel like hell. I nap and realize whatever is inside me isn’t going away. I text the Peace Corps doc and he tells me to get to Kumasi for blood work.

I make my way to Kumasi, get in super late, but lay down and pass out. The next day we go to the lab for me to get some blood drawn, turns out I have to give urine and poo too. UGH. Alright another tangent. Peace Corps volunteers talk about poo, a lot. It is a little insane. So here goes the disclaimer, poo talk incoming. Yeah that’s right, I am going to include you in the Peace Corps poo tradition. Spreading knowledge Smile

For days everything coming out of me was a liquid. Nothing resembling anything solid. So giving a urine and stool sample was rather humorous. When I was done I had trouble telling them apart. YUCK. I know, but hey, everyone’s been there at one point in their life.

I give a vial of blood and have to find my way back to the office here. I walk and walk and walk. Delirium is in full force. I have no idea where I went or how I got there so fast, but I did a good job. I think. I do remember running into one of our language trainers in the middle of the street in Kumasi. That was random, but really cool. I get back to the office, finally book some stuff for my South Africa trip. After that, I have NO CLUE what I did. I honestly can’t remember. I do remember sweating bullets and sitting on facebook. Other than that, the day is a complete black hole. I started to get really sick throughout the day. Around 7pm when I had a migraine, severe back aches and joint aches, nothing was left in my body but I was bloated, I didn’t have the energy to move at all (unless it was to run the 5ft to the bathroom). I was in tears I was in so much pain. I texted the PCMO, he calls frantically and tells me to start cipro immediately.

Cipro has many uses, since it is an antibiotic. One use is to stop anthrax from spreading. Excellent, chemical warfare. Another is for really bad urinary tract infections from e.coli. Another use is to treat typhoid fever. All signs point to typhoid fever as the source of all this crap. It would explain why I have been sick for so long too. It would also explain why the malaria meds didn’t work. My blood work and other stuff comes back in 2 days so we will know for sure. But now I am on cipro and everything in my body is about to die a violent death. YAY!

So I’ve had to cancel a bunch of plans, which really frustrates me. And now I can’t work on anything because my brain is addled. Oh, why?

I’m going to be okay, I’ll be fine. It could always be worse! And now I have free internet, a nice shower, awesome speakers, and a crap ton of books. But for god sakes, I could kill for some pizza delivery. I have sworn for weeks now that some greasy pizza delivery would cure me instantly. Ghana hasn’t caught on yet. Don’t worry I still have another 2 years to get them on board.


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