Things that would surprise my friends and family

I was thinking the other day about how much I have changed here in Ghana. Yes, growing and all that jazz, but more like tastes have changed. Here are some examples that I think will surprise my family and friends:

I now enjoy tuna salad. I used to hate the stuff. I just ate it 3 meals in a row. So tasty.

Salad dressing here is mayo and ketchup mixed together. It tastes pretty good. Try it sometime.

I actually like my hips and butt now, they are golden here in Ghana.

I enjoy taking a bath with a bucket.

I eat soup with my hands.

I wear ugly sandals and cargo pants in public. Don’t worry this won’t be coming back to the states.

I’m planning to go great white shark cage diving.

I eat only 2 meals a day. Everyone knows how much I love food.

I can survive an entire month on only 5cd a day, or $2.78.

I listen to country music now.

I go out in public with a skirt on and I haven’t shaved my legs in days.

I am getting tan (well for me).

I’ll wear the same clothes many times before washing them.

I think it is cold when it gets to the low 80s.

I walk everywhere.

I can walk over 5 miles in a day carrying a 60lbs pack, up a hill backwards in the heat.

I drink water out of a bag.

I barely eat meat anymore and if I do it is chicken.

I have tried: grasscutter, goat, rabbit, and river crabs.

I have used English, German, and Twi all in the same sentence.

I like spicy foods now, and spicy here means SPICY.

One of my favorite meals is kenkey – a corn based ball of carbs dipped in peppe or a hot pepper and tomato sauce. You eat with your hands.

I really like drinking sweet corn drinks.

I won a boxing match against a guy with one hand tied behind my back.

I changed my name.

I am growing my hair out.

Lastly, I like cockroaches.


One thought on “Things that would surprise my friends and family

  1. The food stuff is surprising, but the country music is shocking. Wish you had started that back here in the states 😉

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