Tro-Tro Sleep

One week of 3-5 hours of sleep will make you tired. I don’t know what it is about vehicles but anytime I get in one, I get sleepy. There is a very real possibility here that it is related to Carbon Monoxide, but even in the states roadtrips are code for naps.

Napping is a funny thing. For the first few minutes you are still semi-conscious and can hear things and feel things going on around you. For instance in tros you can feel the bumps for the first few minutes, but once you get into a nice lull the bumps are sorta just there. Your body adjusts for them. Well until it is a big one and your head hits the side of the door and you cry out in pain. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.

Then we have the short naps. The naps that are only about 20-30 minutes but feel like an eternity. I hate waking up from these because you always hope they were longer and that time snuck away from you like a bandit while you were sleeping. Same thing for airplanes, you just want to wake up and be there.

So yesterday, I had a two tro trip. First I took a tro around 8am from Bunso to Kumasi. Then I took another tro straight to Wenchi. The Wenchi – Kumasi route is often about 3 hours. If you have a good driver on a Sunday then you can make it in just 2.5 hours. For some reason the trip yesterday seemed to take forever. I took probably 4 naps and I still wasn’t there.

I like to sit up front in tros, less body to squish you. Less chance of bad BO. Greater leg room. And access to two open big windows. Yes the chance of dying in the front seat is also much much higher, but whatever. So, I nod off once, I wake up because the engine underneath me is getting hot. I fall back asleep about 10 minutes later.

And this is where napping gets funny. I dream that I am falling into a canyon. Other people dream that they fall off a bike or fall into a pool. I had one of those dreams. The one where you are jolted awake and you move in real life. Your body is responding to the jolt with a sudden movement. Mine just so happened to be in my left leg. Which was right next to the stick shift.

I shifted the tro down a gear with my leg kick. The driver shot me a dirty look. What can you do, I was asleep. My leg was acting on its own accord.

I have never driven stick shift, but now I can say I have shifted gears.


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