Craft Fair

This past weekend was our All Volunteer conference, which included a Craft Fair. There are still a few Small Enterprise Development volunteers floating around, which means they have all the goods. That includes kente, piecey piecey items, and batik.

I stocked up. I couldn’t believe what amazing things were at the craft fair. I was flabbergasted at the quality of the goods for sale.

Here are pictures of my lootz.

A fantabulous backpack made from various Ghanaian fabrics.

IMG_3592 IMG_3593


A lovely hobo made from various Ghanaian fabrics


My first kente item! A satchel made in the traditional kente style. Each pattern has its own meaning. This one has a proverb attached: Kyemfere se odaa ho akye, na onipa a onwene no nso nye den? Which means: The potsherd claims it has been around from time immemorial, what about the potter who molded it? So it is a symbol of experience, knowledge, service, antiquity, time, heirloom, and rarity. 


I think this is Northern kente – it feels like smock fabric. Either way it is another satchel in red, white, and blue – repping the Peace Corps!

I think I did a pretty good job cleaning up at the craft fair. My friend made off with this gorgeous bag made from batik piecey piecey, which is hard to find. I am going to borrow it and take it to my tailor so I can get one made – it is so beautiful.

It is hard to believe how cheap everything was too. The hobo and red, white, and blue satchel were only 15 cedis each. That’s 8 bucks. The kente bag was 25, which is $14. The backpack was a little more expensive at 50 cedis or $28, but it is my favorite.


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