Bidding on Men and Booze

Another fun aspect of All Vol was the GYD Date Auction. The blog post under this one discusses the silent auction, but this one is about the very loud date auction. First of all, the sound system sucked and I couldn’t hear half the dates being auctioned off because it sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking. But I did hear Chase and Joe being sneaky in front of me. Sneaky always intrigues me, so I inquired with Kaiser about what was going on. Apparently, Kaiser and friends were auctioning off a fantastic getaway for 3 people to Accra. All you can drink at happy hour at Honeysuckle, lodging, and 50cds each(!!!) of chips for Roulette at the swanky casino in Accra.

The fun oozing out of this description was almost too much for me to handle. So Mary and I got to talking and we wanted in. Chase was going to be our third but he was playing two sides and we were high rollers that night. We had some stiff competition from Joe and Chad, but Mary and I weren’t having any of that. We roped Rob into joining our bid and we sorta agreed on a limit, but eh whatever.

So remember I am competitive and I was going to do whatever it took to win. Also, I may or may not have had some whisky prior to this. Hearsay. So, the bidding starts at 50cd. 75. 100. 150! 175! 200. 250! THREEE HUNDRED screams Chad. Mary and I look at each other with complete shock on our faces. That was our limit. We were furious and scrambling quickly to figure out what to do. Everything was happening so quickly. Someone else bids 320! WTF. I look at Mary and I know what we have to do.

I stand up and scream 320. Pause. 5. The whole room is looking at me in disbelief and shock. 325 cedis! Going once. My heart is racing. Going twice. Oh god, oh god my heart is about to explode. SOLD. Mary and I jump up and cheer and hug. Everyone is flabbergasted at what just happened. That’s the most anyone has ever paid for a date. Again all the money goes to a great cause and hopefully now more kids will get scholarships to attend school.

And now CD Mike has additional fodder against me.

Turns out all the guys around us that were bidding are planning on coming anyway. So, me, Mary, Rob, and the League are all going to have a great time in Accra feeling like Americans. It is basically going to be a Ghanaian trip to Vegas. And now I can say I bought 3 men.

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