Two Yard Tribe

There is a magical thing in Ghana called the two yard. It is literally just two yards of fabric. Do you know what you can do with two yards of fabric? Toga. Dress. Skirt. Wrap. Towel. Curtains. Bedspread. Blanket. Shawl. Cape. All sorts of things. I love my two yards.

Back at Thanksgiving, my friend Cara and I dawned two yards for our Thanksgiving Indians and Pilgrims fiesta. Kyndra joined us as well and the three of us became the Two Yard Tribe. Cara, Kyndra, and I have very different taste. The three of us are probably the most different people you could throw together in tribe, but it works.

Our tribe has recently been very popular and two people have asked to join the tribe. Britney and Mary are now members of the Two Yard Tribe. They haven’t been fully initiated yet, but that’s what this weekend is for. Our tribe is now basically the Spice Girls. OMG WE ARE THE SPICE GIRLS.

Sporty – Britney
Scary – Cara
Posh – Me!
Baby – Mary
Ginger – Kyndra

I just made that realization and it is pretty amazing. Why didn’t I think of this before. This changes everything. The two yard tribe is secretly the Spice Girls. Perfect. Excellent. Anyway, a lone soul has asked to be a backup dancer for the Two Yard Tribe. So our tribe now consists of 5 +1. Two Yard Tribe requires lady parts, sorry guys. Now if only we could actually choreograph a dance for All Vol.

We just bought matching fabric for our tribe and it is pretty fabulous. The fabric is BRIGHT, loud, and over the top. Lime green, red, blue, and yellow – it looks fantastic. Everyone will be jealous of our amazing ability to match, our effortless style, and cohesiveness.  Or just look at us funny. But, it will be nice, because in a sea of 160 people, it will be much easier to find tribe members if you are all wearing the same fabric.

Side note: it was really hard finding 12 yards of the same fabric. We made many a fabric seller very angry trying to find the most ridiculous fabric.

So, this weekend is All Vol. The All Volunteer Conference, in which – literally – all the Peace Corps Volunteers in Ghana come together for sessions on something or rather. This includes a prom at the end of the conference. I am really excited to shake it for a few hours. I have discovered that I really love dancing. I am not particularly good at it, but I love it.


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