My To Do List

I have no clue if this is interesting or not. I wanted to share my current to do list for April, many things have carried over from March and one or two from February. I thought this might give you a concept of the things I am working on currently. The list is pretty long. And before you think, good lord how on earth is she going to do all of this in April – don’t fret. Some of these things are ongoing projects. I know of a few that will probably not be wrapped up until August perhaps.

Here it goes, in no particular order:

Make juice budget

Read all those cashew docs downloaded

Revise analysis for entire Union with new data

Prepare financial literacy lesson plans for Senior High students

Prepare financial literacy lecture for Educational Service

Prepare business literacy training

So You Want to Start an Association guide

Write Peace Corps Correspondence Intro Letter

Call Beryl about bank

Call penfed about making travel arrangements

Make safari and hostel arrangements

Ask Yahya to come to IST

Do the survey for Carsten

Type up an email with information for SAP with updates

Email Dale about Wenchi Union BUSAC grant

Talk to Cynthia about warehouse

Talk to Chad about his questions, warehouse stuff

Wash clothes

Teach OneNote

Peace Corps Cashew Initiative Batik!

Some Cashew Initiative things

Contract session for Nov IST

Email old prof about excel

Find Visa contacts about financial literacy

Plant 300 bags at nursery

Review Cashew Initiative goals and objectives to make sure I am on track

Meet up with Richie to do jam making experiments

Union Exec Committee workshop on ways to improve the union


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