My Terrible Awful Very Bad Week

I don’t want to go into details completely because there are too many and I don’t feel like writing a novel right now. But here is a summary:

Horrible pains
13 hour trip to the capital
Not eating for 2 days
Almost vomiting 10 times on the bus
Vomiting in the street in the capital
Blood taken
Not sleeping from pain
No power at site
No water at site
HOT HOT HOT and humid
A bat shit on me
Wasting money on a taxi when I ended up walking to my destination because of traffic
Spending all my money in the capital
Not going to be reimbursed until May
Possible that my bank didn’t work this month – only took 7 trips to prevent that
Shower drain is backing up and won’t drain
Bad rumors
Wasting hours waiting for people to show up, and never do
Not feeling wanted
Yelling and screaming
Caught in the middle
My to do list is too long and nothing is getting accomplished
Trying to make calls to Germany on a bus

So summary of the summary:
Work is stressing me out and I feel like I am walking a really fine line. I don’t work 8-5, I work 24/7. I wake up at 5am and start working. I work on Sundays. I work at 7pm. I am never not “on.”
Health – ugh, I am feeling better though, just hope it stays that way. I haven’t felt that crappy in god knows how long, maybe since I had pneumonia in college.
Traveling drives me nuts and is the one thing that I simply can’t adjust to. There is something about it that just irritates me beyond belief.


But things just got better because I bought a vintage British Airways bag that is super awesome. It was a true snag.


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