Atrocious Day

Power was out for over 26 hours. Water is out. It is 100 degrees outside and humid as all hell. I just tore the wings off a fly. My counterparts didn’t show up for our conference call. No one told me about the Union executive committee meeting today (which has been planned for a week). My abdomen has been bothering me. I didn’t sleep last night because of the heat. I couldn’t nap today because of the heat. When I did try and nap three babies started crying all together outside my window. The kids behind my house decided to have a screaming contest. My laptop ran out of juice yesterday. My phone was about to die. My headlamp batteries only had another 10 minutes in them.

Thank god power came back on. I was having a really atrocious day. I have a new found hatred for Fridays. They suck. I haven’t met a Friday in Ghana that I have liked yet. Fridays make me angry.

Today was just full of shitty things that just kept stacking up. But today is pretty much over and power is back on. Larry the Fan is humming again. I miss him when he is gone. But in other good news I have actually been reading! I am demolishing this book: The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer. It is my favorite genre – spy novels.

I also had a really good discussion about food today with another Peace Corps Volunteer. We talked about cheese. As you know, cheese is my favorite subject. Ever. Talking about cheese makes me happy. I love cheese.


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