Cashew Money

I was just holding a wad of cash that I am going to deposit at the bank later this week. (Part of which is money I actually saved last month!) I literally looked at the wad of cash, assessed it and started talking to the cash. A little crazy, yes, but whatever. Here was the dialogue, yes it talked back:

Me: Hmmm, you would make a really nice pair of shoes.

Cash: No.

Me: Or two tasting menus in South Africa. Imagine the 8 course meals with wine pairings. The ambience. The delicious foods that have been expertly prepared.

Cash: We are intrigued.

Me: Or this could be two trips to the beach! No! 4 if I am frugal!

Cash: Also a worthy option.

Me: Or a sofa.

Cash: WTF is wrong with you? No.

Me: Okay, not a sofa. Let’s wave this around in the air some more.

Cash: Waiting…

Me: Tasting menus it is.

Cash: You know you really ought to make me a rainy day emergency fund.

Me: Shut the hell up and go back in your hole.

Cash: That’s what she said.


2 thoughts on “Cashew Money

  1. Yes! I was waiting for that reference!!!! And I vote for the tasty meals in South Africa. Can’t wait to hear all about that trip. Three whole weeks?!?!?!? Unreal.

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