Peace Corps Challenge

Peace Corps week is coming up next week. I want to challenge all my friends at home to live like a Peace Corps volunteer for one day. From Sunday, the 26th of February to Saturday March 3, you too can be a Peace Corps volunteer. Or at least you can experience what it is like to be one.

So here is the challenge: pick 3 of the following. I challenge you to do it for the whole week, but I will accept for just one day as well. Post pictures as evidence on Facebook, tag me in the photos. Everyone who successfully takes on the challenge, I will do something special for you! I am not sure how much it costs to ship stuff, but at a minimum you will get a very long personal letter from me! You can cherish it forever and brag to all your friends that you got mail from Ghana. If it isn’t too much to send stuff, I will send you some beads!

So this is definitely worth your while to take on the challenge. Here are your options:

1. You can only bathe using a bucket of water and a cup. You can of course use soap and shampoo. But no shower, no bath. Just a bucket of water and a cup. No, I am not going to tell you how it works. You get to figure it out!

2. You can only spend $4 on breakfast, lunch, dinner combined.

3. Turn off the heater or the a/c for one night.

4. Hand wash your clothes for the day. Try washing your sheets in a bucket!

5. Turn your electricity off for half the day. Turn it back on for 10 minutes. Then turn it back off.

6. Call all your friends and “flash” them. Call them just long enough for the call to show up on their missed calls, but don’t let them answer. They have to call you back.

7. Public transportation? Yep. Don’t drive, walking or public transportation only. You can use a bicycle – as long as it doesn’t have a motor! Remember to wear a helmet!

8. Haggle at the grocery store. Get them to come down on the price of something.

9. Speak in a foreign language for a whole day, no English!

10. Carry something on your head on the street. I definitely need evidence of this! Has to be bigger than a book.

11. Don’t eat any cheese, milk, yoghurt, pork, or pizza for the entire week. This really should be a requirement.

12. Greet everyone, EVERYONE you pass by for an entire day. Smiles don’t count.

13. Sweep your porch at 6am. Doesn’t matter if it is dirty or not, you still have to sweep.

14. Use cash only for the entire week. No credit cards, no debit cards, no checks. Cash only.

15. Squat. Pee outside somewhere that won’t get you arrested. Also, don’t need photographic evidence of this.

There you have it feel free to let me know here or on facebook if you are going to participate. I would love to see all my friends attempt at least one of these!


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