My Ghanaian Guilty Pleasure

Tailors. I love going to the tailor. I love looking at all the pictures on the wall, picking out which design I want, explaining my own designs, picking out fabric, the whole experience.

But I think my favorite part might be getting measured. Not only is it a good way to track those pesky pounds, but it is so much fun. I always feel like a bit of a princess when I get measured. Then there is a hilarity factor too. Here is how a typical measurement exchange goes:

Tailor: Okay, let me get your measurements
Me: Stand still with arms sort of out to the side
Tailor: laughs when she gets to my top half
Me: Yeah, I don’t have anything up there
Tailor: eyes widen when she gets to my waist “smallsmall”
Me: Just wait
Tailor: gets to my hips – “Oh! Do you know how big you are?”
Me: No, what is it?
Tailor: Ghanaian big, she then slowly tries to inch the tape down over my rear. It takes some serious tape wiggling
Me: I know, I know.
Tailor: absolutely delighted at how big my bum is, she always laughs and says something under her breath to her friend (there is always a friend hanging out in a tailors shop).
Me: It is the bankou.


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