Hotness, Sweat, Hair, and Kanye West

Hot, hot, hot. Last night, when I was laying in bed I was wondering what the temperature was outside. I looked it up online, which means it probably wasn’t entirely accurate, but whatever. At 10pm last night it was still 90 outside. It rained last night though, I was so exhausted that I only partially woke up from the sound, but I remember rolling over and smiling. I love the rain. The heat is crazy. It sits on top of your shoulders and weighs you down. Personally, it makes me sleepy. I have been waking up around 6am, getting some things done, then around 10 going back to sleep for a nap. Or I will nap in the afternoon when the heat is extra oppressive. I don’t really mind the heat all that much, I mind the sweat it induces.

The first drops of sweat are miserable, it feels like your body is crying. Then all of sudden your entire body is drenched. The worst is my neck. I am growing my hair out, just because I can, and the back is in that awful stage where it is just long enough to be annoying and start curling strangely. The sweat grabs onto those poor hairs and takes over. I am constantly wishing I was standing in my shower with the water just flowing. How nice would that be? I obviously wouldn’t accomplish anything, but I would be squeaky clean! At night the water in the shower is slightly warm, from the pipes heating up the water all day. It may be the only time in my life when I utter these words: “I wish this water were ice cold!” I actually have thought about adding ice cubes to a bucket of water. Eh, too much effort.

So, yes I am growing my hair out. My hair is going to annoy the hell out of me for the next few months. It is already thick, puffy, and unruly. The weather doesn’t help much with that either. I want to grow it out though, I want the patience and willpower to deal with it. Plus, I miss having long, flowing hair. I can’t keep up with my hairstyle here, I simply don’t have my hair stylist here. I could keep using buzzers, but my favorite hair cutter is located in the Volta and good 15 hour drive away. So I better find some headbands for the next few months.

Work update: February is going to be incredibly busy. I only have one week in this month that I have NO plans. And I just decided to fill those plans with more community mapping. Community mapping has proved to be extremely effective at getting myself out there and getting the pulse of Wenchi. As much as I want to do bookkeeping lessons for shop owners, I get the feeling that they won’t keep up with it. I need to delve a little deeper and find out how I can get them to follow through, without dashing. So, this coming week I will have training on processing cashew. End of the month, the Germans will be here and I will have a full week of training on the app. I am really excited for this month.

Random story of last week: My brother and I decided to celebrate the end of the annual delegate meeting (adm) on Thursday. The ADM was 6 hours of cashew meeting goodness! I had a translator for half the time, the second half she disappeared. So, yeah…I did get to hear the expectations from all the zones though and that was amazing. Especially since it was my idea for them to discuss that Smile ANYWAY. So my brother and I visit Berlin – that places loves me. They let me be the guest DJ for a while. HAHA. They have so much to learn. Two guys work there  – the one responsible one who keeps the books, and the other guy who does something and speaks some English. The second guy was asking me about what musicians I like. I told him Kanye. Who? Kanye West. Who? Kaaaaanyyyyeee Weesssttt, you know KANYE WEST. Puzzled look on his face. Hold on, let me see your computer. I grab the computer and scroll around, HA. I point to the screen, look Kanye West. AHHHHH Kaaaaaaanyea Vest! Yes, Kanye West. So I play the only Kanye song they have and I am excited because it is my favorite. On comes Gold Digger super loud for all of Wenchi to hear. I start singing along. I used to listen to this song every single day on my way to high school. I know every lyric. I don’t sing the radio version, sorry. The guy looks at me like I am an alien and then suddenly gets so excited. OBRUNI can rap! OMG OMGOMG. He lights go on upstairs and he is thrilled. He sits down and asks me to teach him the song. So he repeats the song 4 times and I sing along to the entire song each time. The look of awe on the patrons’ faces is priceless. So that’s how I became guest DJ. They also asked me to mix drinks one week – guest bartender. They are going to charge extra for obruni made drinks. Haha, we will see if that happens, all of it. I love cultural exchanges – especially Kanye West ones.


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