My town thinks I am a white celebrity. EVERYONE yells Obruni at me. The babies, the kids, the old folks, the people my age. They are all calling obruni in the hopes I will look at them and grace them with my smile. Doesn’t happen often, I normally just yell back “obibini” – black person.

I made a startling observation the other day though. Now that I know a lot more people in town, the comments on my whiteness have decreased dramatically. Instead I now get comments on when I tan. My friends and random people on the street are literally observing me getting darker and making mental note of it. Now the typical comments are: you will be black in no time, you are already Ghanaian; your spots are going to all come together and make you black; or just simply – you are getting darker!

On an extremely side note: I taught my brother the peanut butter jelly song last night. My brother is 24. We then proceeded to sing it at random people on the street. The look on their faces was so priceless. Glad I have such good friends here in Wenchi.


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