Random Stories from the WoW

I have a small problem here in Ghana. I sleep facebook. Every night around midnight or 2am, I wake up for some reason or another. It either happens in one of two ways. I completely wake up and I am up for a few hours. OR I wake up just enough to reach for my phone and do the unspeakable: pull up facebook. Why, why, why do I do this? Thank god I normally don’t respond to anything – I think, but still. Such a bad idea. I need to move my cell phone away from my pillow. Don’t ask me why I do this, because I have no idea. I have to check my cell phone every morning to make sure I didn’t leave facebook up all night.

I have an alias now, how cool is that! When I fill out paperwork I am going to have to list my alias as other names gone by! Sorry, that excites me.

Richie has created another alias for me: WoW – Wizard/Witch of Wenchi. I am the WoW Factor! No, I am not a real witch or wizard. For god sakes, I hope that rumor doesn’t start. Actually, Richie if you are reading this – let’s change it to Wench of Wenchi. Still equally ridiculous, but less likely to get me sent to some sort of camp.

I started using Microsoft OneNote and now I am so organized it scares me. It really does. I am just that awesome. Moving on…

I would kill for some Girl Scout cookies – I blame Martha for reminding me of Girl Scout cookies. Those lemon ones, mmmmmm. I am really excited for my breakfast – lemon pepper egg sandwich with laughing cow cheese and a side of beyond amazing pineapple and a banana. It is so delicious, it is unbelievable. Breakfast is the best meal of the day, by far. Yesterday I had good bankou though, which made me happy. Also, this might be the only time I say this so here it goes: my soup had grasscutter in it and it was GOOD. Yeah, I said it. Mark your calendar, because I sure as hell won’t say it again. Funny how food tastes so much better when you are starving!

Yesterday my friend introduced me to some government people in town, MoFA – agriculture guys, Disaster dude, and small business guy. I am really excited to work with the MoFA guy – he is a statistician and working on tree yield averages. Oh, statistics make me quiver with excitement. Love it. I am probably going to be a cashew stat groupie. The disaster dude of course wanted money, I told him I can give him knowledge, but not credits. Looks like from talking to everyone though – farmers, government people, locals – bushfire is the biggest problem that needs to be addressed. Obviously fire fighting is my specialty. I have a lot of experience with that. So, I am going to go see some fire people about that. Apparently my district has had the most bushfires this year compared to ALL OF GHANA. Yeah, I would say that’s a big issue.

Also, I got a sunburn yesterday. Already mostly gone, but probably one of only 2 or 3 I have had in country. So weird. I also walked a good 3 miles yesterday. My brother Ralph introduced me to his friend, an Immigration Officer with a bad mumbling problem. There was a woman working there to and we bonded over wikipedia searching. The guys were saying there were more than 16 countries in West Africa, being women we had to prove them wrong. Plus, I am competitive and like to be right! So I found the answer on Wikipedia and we laughed at the men, we were right. ECOWAS – economic blah blah west africa states only has 15 countries – Mauritania isn’t included. Screw them! Anyway, so I put on my sarcastic charms and impressed the Immigration Officer with my knowledge of how Ghana really works:

Black stars football match? Oh, so that means the town will be super quiet for a few hours. There will be SCREAMS of GOAL at periodic times. Then everyone will be at a spot and trashed singing weird Ghana songs.

Apparently this observation was so dead on that all the officers were laughing their heads off. Glad I can be so charming. So, now I have access to free high speed wifi at his office.

Jackie: 26   Wenchi: 2

Also, now I have 26 husbands, which subconsciously is where I got the 26 from above. (Wench’s 2 points all include the bank)


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