What it is like to be poor

So, we haven’t been paid yet and I am struggling. I had 10 cedis Thursday which were supposed to last me until we got paid. I bought two things that were supposed to total 1.60 with the 10. I got 7.40 back. And didn’t realize it until later. I feel bad confronting the lady about it too, she is one of my favorite shop owners. So, then I had to buy lunch. 2cd. That leaves 5.40. I needed eggs for breakfast that’s 1.20, leaving 4.20.

I have 4cds and that is it until we get paid again. That’s $2.50. Imagine trying to eat for two days on only $2.50 with nothing in your pantry. Well, you have cookies, but that’s only going to make it worse, ha.

So I am trying to decide which meals I can eat until we get paid. I am going to try for as long as possible to get by on just breakfast today. I may eat some Cheez-It’s and a wedge of fake cheese.

So this is what it is like to be poor – having to decide what meals to eat because you can’t afford all of them.


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