Why this week is great

1. AcrobatAnt package
2. Free stuff – like food, taxi rides, private car rides, package delivery
3. Parasite is dead! Bye bye Gladys
4. I got a calendar!
5. Random adventures
6. Not getting paid and having only 10 cds for the next 5 days – try it sometime! Live off of  6.25 bucks for a week. Enjoy.
7. Text message saying I have more packages!
8. Hearing from old friends
9. Getting to talk to half the office back in Oklahoma
10. Getting the same Christmas card from both parents
11. Wonderful text messages from friends in Ghana
12. Not having to follow politics in America – as much as I love NPR, I am way less stressed here without listening to American politics in the morning
13. MONKEYS. Or was that last week -either way
14. French fries
15. Listening to country music – which somehow I only like when I am not in America
16. Getting 10 Things I Hate About You and Sex and the City 2 movies from a Ghanaian guy
17.  Watching Mary Poppins and singing along with 3 24 year old Ghanaian guys, haha
18. Chocolate
19. Chasing a spider around my room by clapping and yelling at it
20. Ghana winning first game of  round one of Africa Cup and then watching the whole town get wasted on a Tuesday night.


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