fANTastic care package

So, word on the street was I had a package. I was expecting one from my old co-workers since Christmas. I haven’t been so excited for a package in ages. So it was delivered today – which is really rare, but lucky me Peace Corps was in the neighborhood! So I haul the package home from my office. It is only a 10 minute walk, but man was that a heavy package. I was so giddy. I couldn’t wait to rip open that box. I made a video of me opening the box to share with the ants, hopefully I can upload it at some point.

Inside the box was:

mac and cheese! easy mac to be more specific. HOLLA. I can eat now!
Spices! lemon pepper, cumin, popcorn cheese and old bay!
My favorite popcorn in the whole universe – Audrey’s white chocolate marshmallow m&m popcorn of awesomeness – guess what? It still tastes fresh! I ate almost an entire bag while reading the:
Letters and cards. These made me cry. So wonderful.
Trolli sour worms – my favorite
A makeup bag with oh so wonderful goodies that I am so excited to try out – already have the lipstain on
A Star Wars Darth Vader M&M dispenser filled with M&Ms that may have leaked out into the box Smile Eating m&ms out of a box is surprisingly satisfying.
Magazines – that I can’t wait to read!
Propel water flavor packets – these things make my day
DOUBLE STUF OREOS – yeah mom – food porn and I am going to enjoy them
Muffin and chocolate chip cookie mixes – just add water and then figure out how to cook them ha
Lindt chocolate bar
Yoda marshmallow pop – genius, absolute genius.
Trivia cards – thanks Bryan! I really missed trivia
A certain Cake Boss VIP badge Smile – I died when I saw that haha

And more stuff that I have already hidden from view so that I don’t devour it immediately – I think

The package was so amazing. It was just what I needed – a little taste of home to keep me going. I only got a few hours of sleep last night, so I was tired and cranky all day. Once I saw the Peace Corps SUV pull up to our office, I swear it was like Santa coming. I was so excited. I am just thrilled to get such a great gift from such great people.

I cried reading the cards and letters from my wonderful coworkers. I sat on my bed and just cried happy tears of joy. I feel so loved right now. It feels like getting a giant hug from 20 people across the world. I laughed and cried and laughed some more. It was perfect. It was simply magical. I can’t wait to eat everything in the next 24 hours. Ha! Let’s be honest, try as I might I think I can squeeze the box out to Monday. That’s all the willpower I am allowing myself though haha.

The smile across my face is huge right now. I have such great friends. This is what keeps me going, knowing that thousands of miles away, a whole bunch of people are rooting for me.

Lastly, dear parents – thanks for sending me the EXACT same christmas card. Smile 

Now time to go play with my new shiny toys – aka makeup.

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