Special Friends

So I keep my toilet paper in my kitchen. Weird place I know, but my kitchen is close to my bathroom. Too many people use my bathroom and don’t respect the “don’t use my effing tp” rule. Mainly because there are so many guests over because of baby. So, the other morning I head to the kitchen to get a drink and some tp. Mind you this is 2am. I open the door and groggily turn on the light. I look over at my kitchen table and what do we have here?! A special friend was visiting my kitchen at 2 in the morning. This special friend was snacking on the small strip of a laughing cow cheese wedge that you remove so you can get to the goods. It was munching on foil. So weird. Anyway, normally I would have been extremely freaked out because seriously, what is a friend doing in my kitchen. Gross. But at 2 in the morning everything is much funnier. When you realize you are in Africa and this stuff is bound to happen, you really stop caring as much. Psh, a 4” fat cockroach is the least of your worries. If it were crawling on me at night, maybe I would be a little more concerned. So, I take a butter knife and scare it around the kitchen for a while. Laughing my ass off the whole time. I am sure if someone were to come in and see what I was doing they would have called the cops and said white girl gone crazy. Actually, not the cops, probably a fetish priest. So after getting my cockroach giggles out, I grabbed my tp and peed. Then I went back to bed still laughing. 


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