Today was the day. I broke open my box of Cheez-Its that I have been holding onto since October 6. I have traveled many many thousands of miles with that box of Cheez-Its. I was waiting for the most opportune time to open the box. I was anticipating it would be a day that I was homesick, depressed, sad, sick, or having a fat day. Well let’s assume everyday here is a fat day, so the last option is sorta out the window. I wasn’t feeling any of those emotions today. At all. I just thought it would go great with the ramen noodles I made. Guess what? It did. It was a great lunch. If I had grilled cheese it would have been even more perfect.

I am actually really proud of myself. I held out for 107 days. HOLY SHIT. I have been here for 107 days. Is that possible? Obviously. Anyway, I held out for 107 days. I opened the box because I wanted it and not because I needed it. I realized that I wasn’t going to feel homesick or depressed or sad before the expiration date was up.

Ghana has issues, but so does America. My assignment is going to be difficult, dealing with biases, the language barrier, huge hurdles, and lots of strong opinions. Those problems could be translated to any job. So my neighbor has a baby that cries (actually not so much anymore), so her mom washes the concrete (now with a mop!), so my neighbor plays music all night long. Who doesn’t have a kooky neighbor? So Ghana is hot. So is Oklahoma in the summer. Ghana may be in Africa and have a whole set of different problems on a much more severe scale, but Ghana is just like anywhere else I have ever lived. People are people no matter where you go (they just so happen to be friendlier here!). No job is free from frustrations. No living situation is ever perfect.

So I opened the box of Cheez-Its because I realized that waiting for some sad emotion to appear wasn’t going to happen. I have accepted Ghana as my home and I truly do love it here. Sure I will be sad at some point. Sure I will get homesick (maybe at some point). But I really do have a great support system back in the states. My friends and family are incredible in their constant support – thanks to Facebook mainly. I have another two families here in Ghana now too. I have a short stubborn little mother. I have a sister who I get the pleasure of working with, I have a really awesome brother, I have a cool cousin, I have another sweet sister, I have a niece, I have a brother who is my long lost Ghanaian twin, and a cute little mom and dad. They even get my sarcastic humor! My real family has been wonderful and supportive. My Ghanaian families have welcomed me with open arms. Now if only I could get my American family, German families, and Ghanaian families all together in the same room. That would be a sight to see.

Wow, sorry this digressed a lot. Yeah, so Cheez-its are tasty and I love them.


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