Site Things

So far, I have talked to a few people about doing some projects at site. Here is what we have so far:

1. My main focus will be the Wenchi Union and SAP Project. I want to do some trainings with the farmers about balance sheets. I also want to help improve some processes within the union, mainly record keeping. I want to help the union to provide benefits to its members that can be marketed as a benefit of joining. There are some other things I want to do too.

2. HIV/AIDS project – apparently there is a pilot program for 12 Wenchi schools for an HIV/AIDS program. They need someone to lead it, so I am going to find out more information about that next week and hopefully be able to help.

3. Personal finance classes – so I asked my counterpart and her family if they keep track of their personal finances. NO. Not even a little bit. I think training adults will be far too difficult, so I want to teach some classes at the Junior High level. I think that’s a good start for managing your money. I live in a middle class town, most of the people I have met actually do have some money – they aren’t in poverty. I think it is important for their kids to learn how to manage money properly. When Ghanaians do have money they seem to squander it quite easily. While it is important to help people get more money, it is just as important to teach them how to keep it. I have a couple of ideas for how to teach this class. I am really excited about it and I hope I can convince a headmaster to let me teach it. I just need to keep assessing whether or not it will be received well, culturally.

4. Enviro education classes at a local school – teach some basics about soil and water conservation, recycling, you know natural resource stuff.

5. Teach the 3 year old in my compound English.

6. My counterpart and I want to host a fashion show! Oh god, this idea screams me and my counterpart. We want all the local tailors to participate. It can be a modeling show for the Senior High girls as well. My counterpart wants to produce a catalog with all the designs after the show and distribute them around the Brong-Ahafo. She already told me I can be a judge – eeeek! Happiness. Basically, it will be a great way to advertise what Wenchi has to offer in terms of tailors. The tailors will also get free advertising. From what I can tell, people are very receptive to this concept. We could even have people bid on the winning designs with part of the money going to some good cause here in Wenchi. I can see this being a big thing.

These are all very preliminary, but this is what I have assessed so far needs to be addressed in my community. I need to make sure though that the community feels the same way and that they will be on board.


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