Bankou Experience

So, today I decided to visit the “best fufu place in Ghana” for bankou. So I found the place and was greeted by the “driver” ?!! Okay, he told me to wait in line and that the bankou was coming. The man was so excited to have a white person at his place. So I went to stand in line for the bankou. I greeted the group of women waiting in line, in Twi. The look on the middle woman’s face was priceless. It was shock tinged with incredulousness. Instantly, they loved me. So the man comes over and brings me a chair and tells me to sit while I wait in line. No one else has a chair! So I sit down begrudgingly. I want to be a local not an honored guest! So we speak in Twi briefly and he is so excited. He walks out back and I stand up suddenly, not wanting to sit in the chair. He peeks his head back in and I sit down fast. Suddenly, everyone rushes the counter. Fufu and bankou are ready! So I rush up as well. I order my food in Twi, pay the 2cd and get escorted to my table. I watch as everyone in the place (prob 20 people) watch me dig into my first grab. After they realize I can eat with my hands and that I am not an alien they go on eating. I eat and watch the Ghanaians enter the restaurant. Every single one sees me, stops, and keeps walking to order food. They glance back and keep talking to their friends. The driver comes and gives me free water – score!

I finish my meal extremely stuffed and happy. I greet the driver again while leaving, telling him I will be back. I walk back home and rub my tummy after a good meal. No sooner than I am home, the food starts to rumble in my stomach. I spend the rest of the day running to the bathroom praying that I could just throw up. Eh, ain’t that easy.


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