Ghanaian Proverb

Story time! So my counterpart told me this story in the taxi today. I loved it and wanted to share it with you.

So there was a women who was very impatient and wanted to marry this man very badly. The man was very patient and was going to wait. She couldn’t wait any longer so she consulted someone (either a fetish priest or something similar). He told her to bring three hairs from a lion’s mane to him so he could perform a ritual. She asked how she was supposed to get the hairs off the lion, all he told her was that lions like meat. So she found a pride of lions and everyday she brought them more and more meat until they treated her like family. It took her many weeks to accomplish though. She finally was stroking a female lion’s mane which she discretely plucked three hairs out. She was so proud of herself. She brought the hairs to the priest and asked him to perform the ritual. He asked her how long it took to get the hairs. She told him many weeks after having to feed the lions gradually more each day. He said to her, “you didn’t need a ritual; you have learned patience all on your own.” The next day the man married her.


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