What do I actually do?!?!

So you may be wondering exactly what I do here in Ghana. Well besides eat and sleep, I actually do have a job. I am working with the Peace Corps Ghana Cashew Initiative. I think the acronym is something like CASHEW (Consortium Advocating Sustainable Horticulture and Environment Work). Convenient yes? So I work with cashews, the tasty little nut that is extremely hard to open. Cashews are super awesome and next time you go to the supermarket take a look at how expensive a jar of cashews is. Guess what? Farmers don’t even get a fraction of that. So that’s where we come in!

Our Cashew program consists of hubs and satellites, much like airlines. I am at a hub, which means I deal with more of the business side of things. I work with a very large union of farmers which spans a big section of my region. I also work with a company SAP Research out of Germany. Here is a link to what I am actually doing!



Anyway, so the past week or two and for next week, I have been registering farmers for this project. So far we have done 535 people. It has been really crazy. Such a whirlwind meeting so many people – half of which did not speak Twi. I can understand a lot more in Twi now, btw. Registering farmers means we fill out a piece of paper with their information then I take a picture of them with the form. It has been really cool getting to talk with so many people. Ghanaians get really excited when you can speak their language. I mean really excited, so it has been a lot of fun. It has also been beyond exhausting. Lots of standing, waiting, and moving around. Next week after I finish another big batch, I have to type up all probably 1000+ forms. YAY!

I spend time with Ghanaians too, just talking and getting to know them. For example, I spent a good hour plus talking to the father in my compound. He just so happens to be a chief in a local village! The town is building a giant hydroelectric dam. It was really cool to talk to him about what I am doing here and American culture. Side note, today I saw a giant truck with parts for the dam – the crates said Bui dam – on the road! It was so crazy.
Sorry that was a major sidetrack. So if you have questions about what I will be doing, just ask!


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