So in Ghana, it is still acceptable to have multiple wives. I haven’t seen it much here in my town, but apparently up north it is more common. It is still not huge though. Well, I have embraced the idea of having multiple spouses here in Ghana. It all started at homestay when someone asked me to be their wife, then shortly thereafter another person asked me. That’s when I decided it would be beneficial to start making a semi-list of husbands. Marriage proposals are often here in Ghana and I needed a good way of dealing with them. This has been working like a juju charm! Anytime someone asks me if I am married or if I have a husband, I get to tell them that I have 19 (as of 28th of Dec) husbands. They laugh ask if they can join the queue and go along. It has been really funny. I have about 5 husbands that are taxi drivers – maybe more. I almost got a big catch today, but I didn’t sadly. My goal for after 2 years is to have 200 husbands. I think I can do it. I came up with a new goal today though – I want to collect 3 chiefs. That was the one I almost got today. I got a “call me” from the chief, but no marriage proposal. RATS.

I haven’t even needed to demand a dowry yet either. SCORE!

Update: as of Dec 29 I have 20.


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