Christmas with my Counterpart

So my counterpart and I get along very well. I really enjoy spending time with her. Christmas in Ghana is a little different though. The 24th isn’t really celebrated. The 25th you go to church – which I did not do. The 26th is real Christmas. And Christmas really means drinking and eating. A lot. So, on American Christmas – the 25th I got pizza and beer. Real pizza! That morning I painted my living room and spent time to myself. It was semi depressing, but I got pizza – so, yeah…can’t complain too much! Thank god for cheese. Whoever invented cheese is my personal savior. Anyway, the next day the 26th, I don’t really remember what I did in the morning. I think I slept, yeah not really sure. The afternoon I went over to my counterpart’s house. She was cooking up a storm and that storm was called SPRING ROLLS! So I get to her house and she says “sit, here is cake”, which honestly is the best phrase ever. So I munched on some cake while I watched her cook. Nom nom nom. For first dinner, she gave me fried rice without the soy sauce with stir fry beef. It was paired with a nice can of pineapple Fanta. Good lord it was heavenly. It was followed by more cake. Then my “brother” sorta, the best friend of my real “brother” walked me to Berlin to buy some bottles of alcohol. Man that sentence is chock full of weirdness. Sorry, backstory…I have a new Ghanaian family. My counterpart’s family. I have two brothers and three sisters. There is another sister in the UK. My counterpart is one sister. Her older sister lives in town and owns a catering business. Her younger sister works for the bank. My brother is just 3 months older than me. I have a younger brother who is still in college as well. The brother that’s 3 months older does graphic arts and screenprinting, so we get to swap client stories! It is that brother who’s best friend walked me to Berlin. Berlin is the name of the spot very popular with my age crowd.

Anyway, so the whole family starts taking shots together and things get funny very fast. I end up dancing the bobobo – Volta dance, teaching the girls the Macarena, and judging the pushup contest. During shots of delicious Ghanaian liquor, my counterpart makes spring rolls. Not just any spring rolls, her spring rolls. Which by the way, are to die for. They are tasty little morsels of heaven rolled into happiness. Then they are deep fried, which is Oklahoma talk for way to make something even better.

So I had a lot of fun with my counterpart on Christmas/Boxing Day. Oh, little kids come around and basically trick or treat as well. Except we made them answer questions in English before they could get their candy. SO FUNNY. This one little boy sucked, he didn’t even know his mom’s name. But it was hilarious to watch his frustration. Torturing small children with questions on Christmas in order to get super awesome candy? Perfect Christmas gift. Which, by the way, no gifts for me this year! First Christmas that I literally got nothing, not even a pat on the back! I can’t wait for my work package to get here though!


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