Quick Updates

A few very quick updates

Training is wrapping up and I have less than a week left. Training was stressful, fun, exciting, boring, enlightening, long, and short. It was a whirlwind and I am glad that it is almost over. I will admit though that I will miss spending time with the Americans. There are some truly amazing people in our group and I glad to say that I consider many good friends now. I am very impressed with the peace corps “stock.” I hope that I can discover though why some people joined Peace Corps, I find it really fascinating everyone’s motivations. Anyway, I have my language exam Monday. I wasn’t nervous about it. I am now. I choked a little during the mock exam, even choking though my instructor told me he would have given me the score of Intermediate-High.
Language proficiency is measured on a scale of Superior (fluent) to Novice-Low. It goes Superior, Advanced-High, Advanced-Low, Intermediate-High, Intermediate-Mid, Intermediate-Low, Novice-High, Novice-Mid, Novice-Low. Intermediate-mid is the level you have to pass with in Ghana. Int-Mid means you can get along in most basic conversations, such as talking about yourself, what you do every day, and giving directions. You can also shop. When you are at Intermediate-Mid, you still stumble and your speech isn’t very fluid. Intermediate-high means you can do all of that plus some and your speech is much more fluid. You don’t stumble as often and you can respond well to questions. I am aiming in my exam for Intermediate-High. I really hope that I get that level. My goal after two years is to be at Advanced-High. I don’t think I will ever achieve Superior, but Advanced-High is a good goal. There is no way I would become fluent in Twi – I just don’t think 2 years is enough time. Maybe if I extend for a 3rd year, I could do superior.

I still think it is so effing awesome that I am learning a tribal language that is spoken in a very small portion of Africa. Seriously. How cool is that? Talk about a conversation starter. We were talking in class yesterday and we agreed that it would be so ridiculous if we were in a bar back in America and found the one other white person who speaks Twi.

Anyway, so I am going to pass my exam, there is no other option 🙂

Next Thursday is our swearing-in ceremony. I am very excited for swearing-in. I am leading the dances for swearing-in, which honestly if you think about it, that’s a really funny thought. Think back to just a few years ago, I will give you some time to think…you there yet? Okay, remember when I couldn’t dance to save my life? Yeah, so do I. Thanks Zumba! Now, I am leading the boboobo (phonetic spelling) dance, aka the hanky dance and this other dance I don’t know the name of. We have had dancing practice all week. I LOVE IT. Seriously. My butt is so sore though, I didn’t think I could be so sore from the dances we are doing. Yeah well I have thought a lot of things wrong here. Just sitting here typing this, my butt keeps telling “wtf were you thinking!” The instructor kept yelling at me: “shake your rear more! SHAKE IT” What do you think I was doing? Mom, thanks for the hips and the butt – they love it here! God bless Ghana.

I got my outfit for swearing-in today, my host mom had it made for me! It is a beautiful dress, I picked the style out from the J Crew catalog I brought. The tailor forgot I was small-chested though and she made the top for someone with large jugs. She is taking it in for me now. I am so excited though, my host mom has an outfit with the same fabric. The dress is really beautiful and other than the chest it fits so well. I have a feeling buying new outfits from the tailor is going to be my Ghana vice. And I think that’s okay!

Quick thank you to my family for sending packages! I love you guys so much, especially when I get junk food. Your American junk food shows that you care 🙂


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